How essential is a satin hair bonnet for your hair?

Satin bonnets have recently become very popular and this is why everyone is hooked.

  • The satin material unlike cotton does not absorb moisture and oils from your hair therefore you are able to keep your hair moisturised for a longer period without refreshing it all the time.
  • The straps on these bonnets make it easy to adjust yours to the tightness that you deem most comfortable. This straps are connected to a band at the front that is super great for edges as it lays them and unlike elastic does not rub on them roughly that can cause damage overtime considering edges are very delicate.
  • They are free sized and can therefore fit perfectly well throughout your different hairstyles from cornrows to jumbo braids.
  • The cherry on top is that there are so many colours to choose from!
Image: Instagram @cravingyellow

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