How the Mist Spray Bottle will change your hair game!

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The Mist Spray Bottle is one of those hair care tools that you will thank yourself for getting each time you use it because it is just that good!

Firstly, because of its continuous stream of mist when you press the trigger, this bottle is great for refreshing your hair during the week. You don't have to get drenched in water when you want to just quickly add moisture to your glorious mane or even braids!

It sprays even when the bottle is turned upside down hence its 360 degrees feature which allows you to easily moisturise hair at the back of your head. Very important for the naturalistas who do their hair by themselves.

It allows you to use 98% of the liquid in the bottle before you need a refill.

For a great spray, press the trigger all the way to the back and you will have 3 seconds of continuous spray even after letting go. Just how cool!

So as not to clog the spray nozzle, do not use creams or non liquid substances in the bottle. It is strictly meant for liquid items.

This bottle is definitely a must-have for every Naturalista.


Image: Pinterest

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