Crocodile Hair Clips (6 pcs)

Crocodile Hair Clips (6 pcs)

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Crocodile Hair Clips are a High Quality – Pack of 6 premium croc clips with a high elasticity metal spring which lasts long even after repeated use making your clips last longer. These are the strongest clips you will ever use!

They are Multi Purpose – These handheld crocodile clips are perfect to use while straightening, styling, blow drying, colouring, cutting, bathing or even when working out. 

They have a No Slip – Solid texture that allows them to hold even large sections of hair without slipping or damaging. They can easily be used to pin up hair. One clip can hold securely without pinching!

Versatile – Works well with all hair types, including curly, thick, fine, long or extensions. They also make for perfect sectioning clips! Ideal for use at the salon, home, keeping your hair in a bun or even while braiding your daughter’s hair.

Comfort – Clips are comfortable and easy to use. They don’t snag, get tangled, and are super light on any hair!

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